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We ask some of our students to give us feedback on what they think about our school , programs and service. Here are some testimonials from our customers detailing their experience.

' I would like to thank New Generation and my awesome driving instructor Maria.I am not a quick learner but she was very patient and helped me learn everything I need to know to successfully get my License. She made me feel very comfortable when we were driving ,so that I wasn't stressed out. Over all I am very appreciative for her professionalism and kindness. I would highly recommend her and New Generation driving school.

St Kilda. M                      

I took my time to start driving, but after my first lesson with New Generation Driving School I regret I didn't start earlier! My lessons were very well planned and I did not feel stressed as I expected to be. In no time I was driving on the busy roads and I hardly believed it was me. I passed my test and I am very happy and grateful but feel a bit silly for not doing this a long time ago. I finally got my freedom and job I wanted, which required a driving licence. Thanks a lot New Generation and God bless you!

 Hampton. A      

My girlfriend was very happy when she past her driving test on her first go and recommend me New Generation Driving School. My learning journey was easy and smooth. Instructor was helpful and cheerful. It was nice transformation from Learner to P/Plater. Even now I still have in my ears all the advices and suggestions. With no doubts I will recommend . Well done New Generation. Big Thanks!

  Sandringham. C    

I was looking for a driving instructor and after talking to my friends I come across New Generation Driving School. I called Maria and booked my first lesson. I found my self looking forward for next one. It was electric and happy hours. She make me work really oh really hard but manage to keep me smiling. Her happy and energetic personality help me a lot true my learning. I will always remember her saying -Hard in training - Easy in battle. I wright it now on the first page of my text books!

  Menton .E